Installing Code::Blocks nightly build on Mac OS X

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This article describes how to install a nightly build of Code::Blocks.

NOTE: The nightly builds for Mac OS X are not official (just yet)

The packages are currently done infrequently, and not really "nightly".

Install steps

  1. Download the Developer Tools from Apple, if not installed with Mac OS X.
    • For Mac OS X 10.4, you need to install Xcode Tools version 2.4 or later
  2. Download the latest Mac binary ZIP package of Code::Blocks, from BerliOS.
    • For Mac OS X 10.4 up to 10.6 (PowerPC or Intel), download the "Universal"
  3. Now unpack the zip file package, and put where you like it.
    • The suggested location is /Developer/Applications or ~/Applications.
    • wxWidgets (2.8.x, dylib) is included inside the application bundle.


If you prefer, you can install Code::Blocks / wxWidgets using MacPorts instead: Installing_Code::Blocks_from_source_on_Mac_OS_X#Install_with_MacPorts.

There are no binary packages for MacPorts just yet, so it compiles from the source.

Known Issues

First of all, see the issues that apply to all builds of Code::Blocks:

There are also some bugs that only apply to the Mac OS X version:

  • Open in console doesn't work with, only wxGTK/X11/xterm
  • Splash window is not centered on the display
  • Occasional "can't flush file descriptor 12"
  • Batch building (from the terminal) crashes

Not really bugs, but some things that might require extra setup:

  • There is no direct support for adding frameworks, use -framework
  • The default package does not have developer files for wxWidgets
  • Not all wizards have Mac tweaks to the generated code/projects
  • Not all of the included contributed plugins work on Mac just yet

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