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Timeline for lib_finder:

Task Description Estimated time Finished
Predefined libraries Currently lib_finder allow to search for libraries and search filters can be defined in configuration files. But if someone provides library which is already set-up and this information in sure and constant, it should also be able to provide final library configuration using simillar scheme to search filters. Additionally, such library settings could give possibility to store dorectories relatively to code::blocks' directory which will allow to build some portable usb-drive C::B 1 day Yes
Support for multiple configuration directories Library search filters are stored in xml files located in some settings directory. Currently only one directory is scanned when those files are loaded. But it's known that on some systems (f.ex. unix) there may be more than one directory with data. A set of directories should be read, not only one. 1 hour Yes
Library synonymes Each library sould be accessible using more than one name. This could be usefull because even now there are different names for libraries when using lib_finder settings and pkg-config ones. 1 day No
Type of library result Structure LibraryResult should have extra field called type which would be: pkg-config, predefined or detected. By providing type, all results, no matter whether stored or detected from pkg-config could use one structure. That would greatly ease things in future when other possible sources would be added 1 day Yes
Edition of library results There should be ability to view all known libraries and edit detected ones. That could help finding mistakes etc. It could also be usefull to set order of libraries. 1 day Yes
Detection of used libraries By scanning #include lines it should be easy to detect what libraries should be included with project to compile it without problems. It could be also added into HeaderFixup plugin (available using through scripting or something) 2 days No
Separate configuration for build targets Each build target should have it's own set of libraries and there should be one global set of libraries. 1 day No
Library version support When declaring that project use library, it should be possible to set some version filters (and other kinds of filters) 1 week No
Search results priorities Search results should have priorities. Pkg-config libraries would have the lowest priority, next would be predefined results, detected libraries could have any priority declared in detection filter files. That would help finding better results. 1 week No
Set custom variables when detecting libs There could be some extra option which would set value of variable, it shouldn't be possible only from path 1 hour No
Integration with scripting system Some procedures (like adding library to project) should be availble in scripting system. That would allow to use lib_finder in project wizards and invoke it from other plugins. 1 hour Yes
Background search Searching for libraries could be done on separate thread with possibility to unfreeze the IDE wile searching. 1 hour No