Library Finder

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  • Name: Library Finder
  • Author: byo
  • Purpose: This plugin may ease setting up libraries to be used inside C::B. Base idea is to set-up global variables is such way that if one want to use library settings, only minor project options must be added.
  • Version: 1.00; State: alpha - beta - stable
  • Last update: 01. Dec. 2005
  • Forum thread for discussion: [/index.php?topic=1521]
  • Link for download: [/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=1521.0;attach=266]
  • Notes: Currently it supports only wxWidgets (2.6 MONOLITHIC DLL version), C::B SDK and glfw. But this list can be easily extended through XML settings (see also README.txt in the sources).