Manipulating multiple projects at the same time

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Manipulating options of multiple projects in a workspace or targets by hand is a tedious process. There exists a contributed plugin called Project Options Manipulator that helps to change multiple options and properties of build targets or projects.

Changing custom variables

This section shows how to change a custom variable named WX_VERSION for the whole codeblocks workspace from 30 to 31:

Start the plugin with Plugins->Project options manipulator

Menu to project options manipulator.png

  1. Activate Scan within:Workspace to search for the custom variable on the whole workspace
  2. Select Operation: Change option
  3. Enter the name of the variable WX_VERSION in the Search item: Option/Var field
  4. Select the scope to Custom var and write the new value 31 in the text field
  5. Search at projects and targets: Select 'Search for option: At project and target level
  6. Hit ok
  7. Follow the instructions

Project options manipulator changing custom var.png