Setting the WX VER variable

From Code::Blocks

As of November 17, 2005 Code::Blocks HEAD can only be compiled using global user variables (unless you modify the project).
This obviously requires a version of Code::Blocks which supports this feature, i.e. a build from HEAD after November 3, 2005.
No additional setup is required, you will be prompted to enter the location of your wxWidgets installation. Enjoy.

If, while compiling Code::Blocks, you get the error: "Couldn't find library -lwxmsw$(WX_VER)" or some such, do this:

  • Open the build options
  • Open the "Custom variables" tab
  • "Add" a new variable, with the name of (you guessed it) WX_VER
  • Set its value to the appropriate thing, i.e. "242" (without the quotes)

After this, the error should be gone for good :)