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Here are my suggestions on modifying this wiki page.

  1. user manual links should be moved to user page at User_documentation.
  2. we should add some link to teach beginners how to build codeblocks from source such as: Installing Code::Blocks from source on Windows, also for another plat-forms.
  3. some page like A short overview about Code::Blocks architecture and Code::Blocks SDK events were not be updated for more then several years, they may be update to fit the current SVN source.
  4. Though I have update some page like Creating a simple "Hello World" plugin, but it's not enough, more and more people should be encouraged to enrich the wiki page, especially when they solved some problem in forms.
  5. I have just solved the problem of viewing the SDK CHM files with the help of MortenMacFly, see [/index.php?topic=9872.msg68884#msg68884 Can't View SDK CHM file]. But I'm not sure where to place these knowledge.

Ollydbg 17:00, 6 January 2009 (CET)

Another stuff should be added(I don't know which page to add...): [/index.php/topic,11685.msg79450.html#msg79450 What does the SVN log prefix means?]Ollydbg 06:53, 2 January 2010 (UTC)