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Ollydbg 04:55, 26 December 2008 (CET)This is a great tutorials about build Code::blocks on windows, But If I only want to compile some plug in, how can I do? Do I need to compile code::blocks binary first? And what is the update.bat file used for? Thanks.

mfhall 18 Jan 2010. I don't get it. This article is supposed to be about installing Code::Blocks from source - but it needs Code::Blocks to do the installation - even though it's not in the list of prerequisites. Have I gone mad, or is this some insane joke? Please, to save others from wasting the time I have (my fault, as I didn't read the article carefully enough before I started) rename this page to Updating, NOT Installing.

--Dasfoo 21:31, 27 October 2010 (UTC) This doesn't seem to be clearly said up front, but it appears to me that installing from source is a four step process. First you install the MinGW compiler, then the nightly Code Blocks build, then you download and build wxWidgets, then you download the source. Next you use codeblocs to build code blocks.

Headkase 24 Dec 2015. There is this text in there: "When you open the contrib plugins workspace, you may be asked to define the $(#cb) global compiler variable. This is the path that contains the sdk directory, normally this is the src directory. The build process uses this information to place the plugins and data files into the correct place. Enter the location of the Code::Blocks sources in the same way as for the $(#wx) variable earlier." I didn't write it, just tidied it, but the $(cb) global variable it refers to I do not have or am prompted for when building the contributor workspace or the main project. I believe that this is referring to an ancient version as most of the page used to. If anyone would confirm this then I will remove that text.