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This is a wonderful tutorial which bring me to the world of wxWidget step by step, Thanks! As a beginner myself, I really learned a lot from this page. I think I can create some video tutorials ( use Wink or other screen cast tools) to support these topics.

Using Close() in an OnClose() handler

Doing this makes the program crash when closing via close symbol. Somebody forgot to change the tutorial or is this intentional?

FIXING Close() per above

in the section

   void plainFrame::OnClose(wxCloseEvent& event)

instead of inserting Close(); I inserted:


and that seemed to do it.

Question: The tutorial doesn't show the same screens or options, should I take notes on what I'm finding "now" and make appropriate corrections? They could always be backed out.

I'm hoping as I go on with the tutorial, it will explain why so much of the code is commented out


and why such things as the event table are empty (I assumed I had to add

  EVT_CLOSE  (              plainFrame::OnClose)

but in fact after the simple frame would run and close properly, I changed this to:

  // EVT_CLOSE  (              plainFrame::OnClose)

and it still closes properly (I did a rebuild to make sure). I'm assuming F9 DOES what it says, i.e. compiles to incorporate my changes)

--WardXmodem 04:05, 24 September 2013 (CEST)