To-Do List plugin

From Code::Blocks
Developer(s): Yiannis Mandravellos
Version: 0.2

In complex software projects, where different users are involved, there is often the requirement of different tasks to be performed by different users. For this purpose, Code::Blocks offers a Todo List. This list can be opened via View->To-Do list, and contains the tasks to be performed, together with their priorities, types and the responsible users. The list can be filtered for tasks, users and/or source files. A sorting by columns can be achieved by clicking the caption of the corresponding column.

Note: the To-Do list can be docked in the message console. Select the option Include the To-Do list in the message pane via the menu Settings->Environment.

If the sources are opened in Code::Blocks, a Todo can be added to the list via the context menu command Add To-Do item. A comment will be added in the selected line of the source code.

// TODO (user#1#): add new dialog for next release

When adding a To-Do, a dialogue box will appear where the following settings can be made:

User name <user> in the operating system. Tasks for other users can also be created here. In doing so, the corresponding user name has to be created by Add new. The assignment of a Todo is then made via the selection of entries listed for the User.
  • Note that the Users have nothing to do with the Personalities used in Code::Blocks.
By default, type is set to Todo.
The importance of tasks can be expressed by priorities (1 - 9) in Code::Blocks.
This setting specifies whether the comment is to be included before, after or at the exact position of the cursor.
Comment Style
A selection of formats for comments (e.g. doxygen).