Using devhelp as a help viewer

From Code::Blocks

Inspired by Using yelp as a help viewer I wanted to do the same using devhelp [1]

wxWidgets documentation (and any other document in CHM or HTB format) can be converted to devhelp format using pyhtmlhelp [2]

Get the devhelp launching/searching script

Copy the following script into a file named


# Help using Devhelp 

if [ ! -n "$1" ]
  devhelp  &
  devhelp -s $1 &


Make the script executable:

sudo chmod +rx

Setup the Help Plugin in Code::Blocks

  • In Code::Blocks, goto Settings->Environment->Help Files
  • Click "Add" and name your new help entry.
  • Choose "Yes" when prompted to browse for a help file.
  • Browse for the script that you just created.
  • Add " $(keyword)" to the end of path. Example full path: /home/user/ $(keyword)
  • Check the boxes for "This is the default help file (shortcut: F1) and "This line represents a full command to be executed"
  • Click "Ok"

Now hitting F1 will open up devhelp looking for the word under the cursor.