WxSmith extensions

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Welcome to wxSmith extensions wiki page. This page contains a few tutorials which show how to extend wxSmith's functionality. It also contains a set of extensions which are being worked on now. If you would like to add some extra functionality to wxSmith and want to share your results, please take a look at the wxSmith extensions list page. You can check there who is working on particular extensions and add your own info to prevent other developers from working on the same feature as you.


we have prepared a few tutorials which will show you how to add your own extensions to wxSmith. They describe parts of wxSmith essential to extensions support. They also show real examples on how to extend wxSmith.

Extensions list

On this page you can see the list of wxSmith extensions. It will contain extensions which are done, are being worked on and which are not worked on yet. You will also find there information on how to add your code into the main Code::Blocks source.