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Code::Blocks' features can be extend by using plugins, most of them listed on this page. There are generally three types of plugins:

  1. Core plugins - developed and maintained by the core C::B team.
  2. Contrib plugins - developed and maintained by the community and proven to be very valuable. So they are integrated into the C::B SVN.
  3. 3rd party plugins - developed and maintained by the community but not (yet?) in the C::B repository. Theses plugins often have their own repository or are being posted (including the source code) in the forums.

If you are looking for plugins:

  1. Look in the official release. Notice that the installer / package manager might require you to enable some of the plugins specifically. So READ carefully.
  2. Search the forums for announcements, especially the forums at [/index.php/board,14.0.html].
  3. There might be information on the WiKi concerning other plugins on this page and here.

For Windows users, the default behavior of the current installer (10.05) does not install contrib plugins. You need to manually check the "contrib plugin" checkbox when asked for selected components to install. There is no way to install them manually afterwards.

If you are developing plugins: Surely you can work with plugin as you like, but here are some suggestions:

  • Announce them in the plugin development board in the forums - including the (initial) source code at [/index.php/board,14.0.html].


  • Setup your own webpage (or use a file sharing platform) and post the link to the sources/binaries/svn access in the plugin development board in the forums at [/index.php/board,14.0.html].


  • Setup a repository, probably at BerliOS or SourceForge, post the link to the sources/binaries/svn access in the plugin development board in the forums at [/index.php/board,14.0.html]. Notice: This is very convenient as attachments in our forum might be deleted from time to time. So it is not safe to post source code in the forums.


  1. Enter the plugins description on this page.
  2. Announce the plugin here using this template.

Core Plugins

The core plugins are installed by default and offer the basic functions of Code::Blocks. The core plugins are maintained / developed by the official development team.


Code::Blocks AutoComplete plugin.


Saves project files between intervals.

Class Wizard

Provides wizard for creating new classes.

Code Completion

Provides code completion functionality and class browser.


Provides support for various compilers in one interface.


Provides support for various debuggers in one interface.

File Extensions Handler

Adds extra file extension handlers.

Header Guard (Disabled by default.)

Create header guards (if needed) on file save.

LogHacker (Disabled by default.)

Manipulate loggers.

ModPoller (Disabled by default.)

Frequently check for external modification.

Open Files List

Manages a list of all opened files (editors).

Projects Importer

Imports projects from other IDE's, e.g. MS Visual Studio and DevC++.

Scripted Wizard

Provides scripted wizard functionality.

Source Code Formatter (AStyle)

Formats source code files with specific style.

Tidycmt (Disabled by default.)

Formats comments on file save.

To-Do List

Adds to-do items to source code.

WinXP Look'n'Feel

Creates manifest file which enables the version 6.0 of the Common Controls on Windows XP.

Contrib Plugins

The user-contributed plugins are not installed by default and offer extended functionality for Code::Blocks. The contrib plugins are maintained / developed by third-party developers.


Code alignment.

Auto Versioning

Helps you keep track of your project version and status.

Browse Tracker

Browse to previous source positions.

C::B Games

Games in a integrated development environment? You bet.


Integrates CCCC tool for measurement of source code metrics ( into Code::Blocks.

Code Profiler

Provides graphical interface to GNU GProf profiler.

Code Snippets

Manages small pieces of code (i.e. snippets).

Code Statistics

Shows various statistics from source code files.

Copy Strings to Clipboard

Copies literal strings from the current editor to clipboard.


Integrates the static code analyzer Cppcheck into Code::Blocks.


Integrates Cscope ( into Code::Blocks.

DevPak Installer

Installs and updates DevC++ DevPaks.


This plugin provides doxygen integration for Code::Blocks.


Enables dragging and scrolling with mouse.

Editor Tweaks

This plugin provides some additional tweaks for Code::Blocks editor.

Environment Variables

Sets environment variables within the focus of Code::Blocks.

Header Fixup

Adds missing includes/forward declarations to C++ source files.


Integrates third-party help files to the interface.


Opens files in a Code::Blocks integrated HexEditor.

Incremental Search

Searches and highlights a marked text incrementally within the open editor.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Manages menu shortcuts.


Queries the Koders webpage for keywords.


Allows the creation of Nassi Shneiderman diagrams within Code::Blocks.

RegEx Testbed

Regular expressions testbed.

Source Exporter

Exports source code files to other formats such as HTML and PDF.


A plugin to check the spelling of strings and comments.

Symbol Table

A simple graphical interface to the GNU symbol table displayer (nm).


Multi-threaded 'Search in files' with preview window.


Creation and management of custom tools.


Valgrind analysis tools integration. (Valgrind does not run on Windows)


RAD tool for creating wxWidgets dialogs.

3rd Party Plugins

3rd party plugins - developed and maintained by the community but not (yet?) in the C::B repository. The contrib plugins are maintained / developed by third-party developers.


Display events that are registered with RegisterEventSink, in the Code::Blocks Debug log.

Fortran Project

This plugin provides symbol browser and code-completion for Fortran files.

IPDefend Toolkit

This plugin enables creation of a licensed application in an easy way. Available at [1]


KeyMacs (or Keyboard Macros) plugin enables Recording, Playback, and editing of keystroke macros.


This plugin highlights all occurrences of keywords on a list.


This plugin is an rss feeds reader. Available at sourceforge/rssblocks

TRACE32 Debugger

Extends the Debugger plugin of Code::Blocks to work with the TRACE32 Debuggers. TRACE32 documentation "int_codeblock.pdf" and debuggert32.cbplugin are located on the enclosed SW CD on purchase of TRACE32

If you have questions -> ask in the [/index.php/board,14.0.html forums].