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== User interface development ==
== User interface development ==
* [[WxSmith Tutorial & Pointers|Creating a dialog for wxWidgets with wxSmith]]
<!-- * [[WxSmith Tutorial & Pointers|Creating a dialog for wxWidgets with wxSmith]] outdated -->
* [[wxSmith tutorials|Creating a dialog for wxWidgets with wxSmith]]
== Third-party libraries ==
== Third-party libraries ==

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Official user document

The Official Code::Blocks user document can be found here

Articles for Code::Blocks users

Installing Code::Blocks

How to install Code::Blocks (from binary or source).

Creating a new project

How to get started with project setup and management.

Keyboard Shortcuts

List of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Code::Blocks.

Command line arguments

List of command-line arguments that can be used with Code::Blocks.


Customize the Code::Blocks user interface for different workflows.

Code::Blocks Plugins

List of plugins that come with Code::Blocks.

The build process of Code::Blocks

Information about how Code::Blocks actually builds your source code.

Scripting Code::Blocks

Information about scripting Code::Blocks with Squirrel.

wxSmith tutorials

Information about how to use wxSmith RAD editor

Building an Non-Unicode Win32 Code::Blocks

Information about how to modify the Code::Blocks project files for an Non-Unicode build of Code::Blocks.

Code::Blocks and Makefiles

Using makefiles with CB is not normally necessary (CB does this automatically) but if you have some compelling reason to use one - here's how.


Miscellaneous things related to the user development experience. This is a catch all place.

Application development


User interface development

Third-party libraries

Third-party Applications